Set The Furniture In The Living Room

The living room is a room that can spend my time with my family. This is evidenced by good planning when arranging the layout of living room furniture, placed according to the theme of decoration that you want. Do you plan to decorate contemporary, rural, like Zen or minimalism in the living room, adjusting the location of furniture is the most important.

Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

Prepare the room by cleaning it

When you start decorating the living room, the best step is to make the room empty. Get rid of everything so you can see from various angles. Do you want this room to be a place to relax, try to estimate a comfortable position.

Make a plan list and select the decoration theme.

After observing a clean room, you can make a list of ideas that you think about. Choose the color of the wall and group the list of types of sofas that will look good in the room. Maybe a leather sofa is better than an ordinary sofa. The flower vase might look good beside the long sofa. Adding wall decorations may look like art.

Sketch the placement of living room furniture

Now you have a theme, complete the furniture that you will provide in the guest room. Think about how the long sofa with the center table will match. What if the space corner is given a cupboard to display your collection? You can paint it on paper for an overview before it is done.

Know the main point in the room and do it first

When you have a fireplace in the living room, it might be the main point of the room. Start decorating from here and continue gradually throughout the room.

Make accents that are connected to each other in the room

Make sure lights, accessories, living room furniture, and accents are made connected to each other. No matter how big or small the living room is in your home, taking the time and energy to decorate will be very good in beautifying the house. When your guests and family members are impressed after they see all the effort you have made to ensure that the living room is a beautiful and comfortable place, placing furniture pieces well will add an extraordinary decorative touch.