The Kitchen Floor Of Cork

The best place to use cork floors is in the kitchen. Cork floors have many benefits, they are also available with art forms and motifs. Choose the color of the cork floor according to the feel of your kitchen.

Bright colors are recommended because it can make your family more cheerful. There are many people who live in your home, choose the color they like.

Finishing can be done for the foam floor because their durability is longer. Finishing is not only about endurance but also about beauty. The cork floor in the kitchen can use wax or polyurethane finishing and choose well according to your taste. Industry has created many finishes that will be offered to you, ask when you buy, for the best results.

Clean the cork floor, make sure the cleanliness of your kitchen area. A clean kitchen is an important aspect. Kitchen floors are often passed by many people, finding a good cleaning method can be a priority task. Clean the sand and dry dirt can be done with vacuum. Sucking dirt one way makes the foam floor last long. Brush and wipe slowly because it risks destroying the cork.

Preventive measures, Kitchens with cork floors are very sensitive, several ways to make them usable for a long time. Make sure there is no direct light on the cork floor, even if there is no let it happen for a long time. UV light can make the cork floor fade and lose their color. Prevent water from accumulating on the cork floor, too much water seeping into the cork floor can make your footrest uncomfortable.

Preventing the buildup of water in the cork, is to give a mat on the cork floor so that they have a distance on the ground floor. The water below can evaporate and destroy the cork if it is not cleaned for a long time. If you have applied the cork floor, pay attention when dragging the furniture on it because it can damage the cork floor. Use a tool such as a wheel board to move your furniture in a kitchen with a cork floor.